Adventure HD Enviolo EP8

Nick is one of our MMD clients you can support his MMD fundraising efforts here @



ICE Adventrure HD FS 20″ EP8 to Rohloff

RTA Amputation survivor , an absolute game changer for Nicky’s physical and mental Wellbeing



ICE Adventure HD 26″ RS EP8 with Enviolo

A seasoned trike vetran who has upgraded to E-Assist, over the moon with its performance.




brain injurey matters

Adapt-e Northern Ireland Team

Our most advanced cycling rehab project to date, ripping up the rule book on whats possible in Neuro-rehabilitation, smiles all round.



ICE Adventrure HD 20″ E8000 Rohloff

September in Holland with my Stroke Survivor mate Willem, great progress in mobility over the course of a week over 175KM


Graham & scott

ICE Adventure HD 20″ RS EP8with Rohloff

Two of our deep South team about to start a demo ride down the Crab & Winkle Way just outside Canterbury , the Sun came out and we made it to the seaside.





ICE Adventure with Enviolo Drive

John is looking towards cycling rehab to help him best the best he can be following trauma , cash is an issue so we are looking at fundraising to make his project happen.


delamere trike muster

ICE and more

One of our 2023 Trike Muster Events in the Delamere Forest, great day out for the 15 people that turned up. Some great networking.




ICE Adventure HD 26″ RS E6100

Top day out for Richard with CP, we met earlier in the year at NAIDEX in Birmingham, so to take a spin out at the York Rally was areal treat.





Adapt-e Team Mascot

After the sad demise of Tiggi in 2022 we had to get a new team mascot, she’s a work in progress but loves flying around in her new puppy chariot, loads more adventures to come.


Recycle-a-Bike Stirling

ICE Adventure HD 20″ E6100 to Alfine

Great to meet the three wise men at Recycle-A-Bike in Stirling , A fantastic community based project to make cycling affordable across the whole spectrum of society.

Mark & Mark

ICE Adventure HD 20″ RS with Rohloff

Two of our Stroke Survivor team members who are enjoing the expanding view over the Chesire plain from the top of Old Pale in the Delamere Forest.




ICE  Adventure E-Assist

Cycling Project at the Levendale Hospital in Glasgow, supporting the great work of Hannah and her team of Physiotherapists or should we call the CycleTherapists, it has a ring to it.


ICE Adventure HD 20″ EP8 to Rohloff

Some special pedal adaptions and gear ratios to get Hazel being the best she can be on her new  go anywhere trike. Her smile says it all well done Hazel.


ICE Adventure 20″ RS with Rohloff

Our very first Access to Work success story As a Wildlife trust officer Beccy can now access her work from her very capable trike, Equiped with GT365 Off Road Tyres a powerful EP8 motor and Rohloff hub gear.




ICE  Adventure 26 ” Acoustic

Stephen an accomplished Outdoors man look for long distance cycle touring across East Anglia. ICE Adventure 26″RS the ideal machine to explore this beautiful part of the country.


ICE Adventrure HD 20″ E8000 Rohloff

Challenged by Team Freedom2Move to accomodate a clients left frozen knee. Our solution to remove the pedal crank arm and replace with a foot stirup , an eligant solution and success for the client.  One of the North West’s  leading rehab specialists.


ICE Adventure 20″ RS with Rohloff

Recovering from a nasty Road Traffic Accident, A life long cyclist over comming damge to his neck shoulder collar bone and hip, Electric assist will greatly speed up Matthews recovery.



ICE  Adventure 26 ” Acoustic

Back in the driving seat after a long rehab following an RTA. John with his rehab team testing out an ICE Adventure. More freedom to go places with friends and family which John has sorley missed.


ICE Adventure E-Assist Rohloff”

Pro Team PACE Rehabilitation in Amersham testing out ICE recumbent trikes for their constant professional development, one of the countries leading rehab specialists.


ICE Adventure 20″ RS with Alfine 8

One of our young CP super stars , Jacob is set for some serious adventure, the only problem we can see is how the rest of his team are going to keep up. Big shout out to Raul who helped make this possible.


ICE  Adventure E-Assist Rohloff 20″

A new lease of life for Pete having survived numerous medical problems his fully loaded trike is now allowing him to plan a number of extended adventures he just would not of otherwise have considered.


ICE Adventure E-Assist Enviolo 26″

Jay is a true survivor, a pleasure to have him on our riders page, ex military man, who left us all in his dust trail on his demonstration ride. Big plans for big adventures in the Brecon Beacons.


ICE Adventure HD E8000 Enviolo 26″

Smiles of satisfaction do not come any bigger than the one on Jonny’s face. He can’t wait to get back out with his mates off road and regain some freedom his condition has denied him.


ICE  Adventure E-Assist

One of our adaptive team members who is not afraid to push his kit to the limit. E-Assist powers Andy’s ICE Adventure trike over local rough Pennine terrain and steep inclines.The smile on Andy’s face says it all.


ICE Adventure E-Assist

Alex came to one of our invitation track days in Sheffield and was blown away by the speed and power the ICE Adventure provided. Alex is going to make an excellent CP Sport adaptive ambassador.


ICE Sprint 26″

An amazing man cycling the Wild Atlantic Way in Southern Ireland some 1700 miles in 8 weeks, able-bodied simply preferred the comfort of a recumbent for such a long and demanding self supported tour.


ICE Adventure Guide

Carol is one of our adaptive guides with a wealth of knowledge for routes across the North. Based in Cumbria Carol is always looking for partners to try out new routes. A valued friend and member of the adapt-e Lake District ICE trike team.


ICE Adventure NeoDrive

A fellow Hip Disarticulation Amputee former trustee at the Amputation Foundation in St Helens, currently trustee at Bone Cancer Research Trust and recent ICE Trike convert,Damian has given new meaning to the word “Hoooning” down hills, always a pleasure to be in his company.


ICE Adventure HD E-Assist

A cyclist all his life until a damaging RTA meant 4 years of Recovery & Rehabilitation which is still ongoing, a day out in Sutton Park proved to Kevin there is light at the end of the tunnel and he can cycle and regain his independence.


Countryfile Live

Great to meet the Countryfile Team and Matt Baker at the 2019 Countryfile Live last year, Matt took a short test ride on the ICE FullFat E-Assist, who knows he might even trade in his Rickshaw.



Adaptive Chief Guide

Pete has recently taken delivery of an ICE Adventure with E-Assist which has turned him into a Mountain Goat powering up Lakeland Passes with ease.


Adapt-e Mascot

Tiggi has a passion for running along-side ICE Recumbent Trikes but runs out of steam at the 12 mile mark, then enjoys lording it in her chariot for the rest of the trip.


ICE Adventure E-Assist

Lovelle a fellow Amputee came to our very first Amputee Track Day at Hadley Stadium organised with Birmingham NHS Community Trust. A great day that proved to the many that attended that theres a lot to look forward to post amputation.


Sprint X

Eoin represents Adapt-e in Northern Ireland and blasts around on the super quick ICE Sprint X, Balance was an issue on a normal bike which a recumbent overcomes, Eoin is now more than able to give his race mad dad a real run for his money.


VTX Race Ready

A Military Veteran Kieran rides a Standard ICE VXT with a special pedal adaptation, here pictured at the Invictus Games Trials in Sheffield 2019. A super competitor with a wicked sense of humour.


Adapt-e Founder

Pictured here in the Outer Hebrides teaching the team dog how to sit, its amazing the power of a ham sandwich. ICE Adventure with NeoDrive. Harris is a place you have got to visit on a trike, its spectacular!

Maria Leijerstam

Adventure Professional

Maria has written a book about her adventure to the South Pole on the original prototype of what is now the ICE FullFat. Rough Trails, sand, snow, and mud: if you can pedal, it’ll take you there.

harrogate Tester

Sprint X Tour E-Assist

We manage to persuade this lovely lady to take a Sprint X tour around the Cycling Expo Demonstration Track this last September reluctant at first but just a couple of laps and she was hooked.


NHS Professional

Cat helped organised a patient group from Selly Oak Rehabilitation NHS Community Trust on a day of discovery, amputees were joined by Headway Brain Injury members a Stroke survivor and a number of support professionals all keen to push the equipment to its limits.

harrogate Tester

Stroke Survivor

Harrogate Cycle Expo was very well supported by a number of members of the local and regional Stroke Association members who wanted to find out if the kit with electric assist was all it claimed to be. Again the smiles on all the faces said it all.


Adapt-e Ambassador

Lin is our East Midlands adapt-e ambassador and can be found checking out trike trails in and around Rutland and Rutland Water. A larger than life character who has an infectious enthusiasm for ICE recumbent trikes.


ICE  Adventure E-Assist

One of our younger adaptive team members who is not afraid to push his kit to the limit. E-Assist powers Joe’s ICE Adventure trike over local rough  terrain and steep inclines givng his dad a good run for his money.


ICE Adventure HD E8000 E-Assist

Keith is one of our Welsh team riders on his newly aquired racehorse of a trike , ICE Adventure HD with a poerful E8000 motor and Rohloff hub gear which turns mountains into molehills.



ICE Sprint 26″ & ICE  VTX Race

An amazing man recovering from an ABI , doctors told him he would never walk again, now long distance touring to prove them all wrong, a public speaker of note .


ICE Adventure E8000 E Assist with Rohloff

Hiding behind the mask in these COVID 19 times is Graeme who will need to visit his dentist to have the smile removed that’s what a new trike dose . a great set up that will futureproof Graeme’s riding for many years to come.


ICE Adventure E6100 E Assist

We are preoud to work with Rosemary from the Sheffield Cycling 4 All project who have taken in thier very first E-Assist trike which is out on long termn loan.Find out more about the charity




ICE Adventure to Rohloff

An avid  cyclist all his life until a dance with Parkinson’s and the loss of balance persuaded him onto steady three wheels,now he can keep up with his mates blasting round the back roads of Cheshire no problem.

what a


a day makes

“When someone tells you that you will never be able to do something you love ever again the damage to your mental wellbeing hurts more than any physical injury you may have suffered.”

“I went cycling yesterday for the first time since my amputation 33yrs ago. When i was a kid I lived on my Grifter bike. Cycling Through local woods and loving it.

Thanks to Adapt-e, I rode an electric assist recumbent tricycle through and around Delamere forest. It was a beautiful, hot day but did about 15 miles going to places I’d never would have been able to go.

I use a prosthetic but its not pleasurable walking if I’m honest. Hooning down hills in the forest up to 30 mph.It felt like being a kid again with the wind rushing by as we hurtled down dirt tracks.

All my friends go out mountain biking, I don’t get asked to go, what yesterday taught me is that I can still do things like this and enjoy it.

Despite my different ability I can still do things that make me feel good and enjoy days out cycling through forests and getting off the beaten track.

You can do things, no matter what. It takes a bit of fettling but you can still do things you used to enjoy. It was a beautiful, brilliant day.”

Damian Harper – Trustee at Bone Cancer Research Trust.

physical and mental wellbeing

adapt-e is a disability led company which truly understands the challenges facing those with an adaptive sporting need, those wanting to do more and go further. 


Disability is as much a state of mind as it is a physical impairment. 
Our aim is simple, to get you doing things you thought you would never attempt or do again to put a big smile back on your face and the faces of those around you.


adapt-e work with medical professional bodies and charitable support organisations promoting adaptive sport through demonstration days and guided adventure rides. 
We collaborate with other sporting charities, to promote the benefits of adaptive cycling, skiing, water-sports and adaptive sport in general.

Brain Injury

We work with Headway members who have mis-behaving body parts which we sort out with adaptive controls to suit individual need.


Stroke Survivor

We work with Stroke Survivors in much the same way we work with Headway, adaptive controls to get you back out on the road.


Even double amputees can enjoy the physical and mental wellbeing benefits of adaptive recumbent cycling. Electric Assist makes up for missing or weak body parts.



Either caused by your condition or medication E-Assist is a game-changer and allows you to compete with your able-bodied friends.


Balance Issues

No Balance – No problem unlike a two wheeled bike which stresses your body, a recumbent relaxes your body – no balance required.


It’s a well documented fact that sports participation can slow down the effects of MS, significantly improving both physical and mental wellbeing.



It’s a well documented fact similar to MS that sports participation can slow down the effects of Parkinson’s,* (2009 Parkinson’s Outcomes Project) significantly improving physical and mental wellbeing.



Recumbent trikes are ideal for Arthritis sufferers improving Stretch & Strength as there is little or no pressure on back and shoulder joints, electronic gear-shifting deals with painful hand joints.


Spinal Injury

Recumbent trikes because of the comfortable seating position are ideal for Spinal Injury sufferers as there is little or no pressure on the lower back and shoulder joints.